STRENGTH-     1a.) Dead lift 3×5 1b.) Broad jump 2-2-2 SKILLZ- 1/2 tabata: hold in the bottom of your squat position. *Extra points for holding a bar in 1 of the 3 squat position. WOD-      4 Rounds: 4 Front Squats @ 65-70% 10 Ball Slams MIDLINE- Tabata side planks   The Benchmark […]


WE ARE HERE!!!!!! Although Jeremy is not back to his normal awesome self–He is here!!! He couldn’t take another day away from you all! SO GET IN HERE TODAY! 🙂 We’ve missed you!! Thank you so very much for your patience and kind words!!! SWOD: BenchPress 3×5, adding 5LBS.   Todays WOD: AMRAP in 10 […]