Better Performance in 5-Minutes!

The basic principle behind doing a dynamic range of motion warm-up is to prep your body for movement by elevating your heart rate and improving circulation, thereby increasing blood flow and “warming up” your working muscles. Warming up properly will lead to a better performance once the real work begins. Above all, injury prevention is […]


WARM-UP: 3 Rounds: 3 Shave & Receive 3 Front Squats 3 Pull Unders 3 HHCl (High Hang Clean) 3 HCl (Hang Clean) 3 SJ (Split Jerk) STRENGTH: 10:00 to build up to a heavy: 3 position Clean & Jerk [High hang, hang, low hang, and Jerk] (partner)WOD: 7:00 AMRAP 200m Row (pace) KB Swing (russian) […]


WARM-UP: *Shoulder PRE-hab work *3 Rounds: 3 HHPSn (High Hang Power Snatch) 3 HPSn (Hang Power Snatch) 3 PSn (Power Snatch) 3 OHS (Overhead Squat) STRENGTH: 10:00 to hit a heavy 3-position Power Snatch High Hang, Hang, Low Hang WOD: AMRAP in 7:00 A1.) 150m Row (pace) A2.) 2 for 1 Wall Ball A3.) Superman […]

06.25.2013 [tuesday]

‘Penalty Box’ 6x300m Row at 2000m pace, SPM less than 25. *If your strokes per minute (SPM) are over 25, do 3 burpees for each stroked missed. *No pausing or stopping during set or 3 burpees. (rest between sets as needed)  

06.03.2013 [monday]

I really like this quote. A lot of times I find myself stopping, even though I know I have even the tiniest bit more to give. I stop because it’s hard, or I just need a break….or at least I “think” I need a break. I am going to challenge myself to rest or stop […]

05.21.2013 [tuesday]

WOD: “HELEN” 3 Rounds for Time: 400m Run (Row if bad weather) 21 KB Swings (American) 53/35# 12 Pull Ups Midline: Partner Ball Throughs 3×10, each direction.