05.02.2013 {REST}

REST DAY!!!!!!!!!! Go outside and enjoy the weather! Let your body rest and heal from all your hard work! The plan is to come in tomorrow and not be sore so we canget back to it extra hard!


—REST DAY— The weather man says to expect rain & snow, who knows how likely that is…but, if we have a nicer day than predicted, get outside! Have fun! Go for a run, play tag, throw a frisbee around, or take a bike ride! Just enjoy the day! Rest for tomorrow, because we will be […]


Yes, hook grip hurts. I don’t care, do it anyways! WOD 1: 3 RFT: 15 Power Snatch @ 75/45# 200m Run/Row REST AS NEEDED WOD 2: AMRAP in 5:00: Double Unders / Single Unders *From now on, come prepared for the weather! We may be staying inside or going out; you have been warned!!