The Worthy Health & Fitness Team

Meet the Team that is Dedicated to Your Success

our founder

Jeremy Worthington

Over the past 8 years my life has been all about helping others with their fitness, building their strength and bolstering their health.

Rewind ten years and you will see something completely different. A young kid, newly graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, newly married, and starting a job in engineering. Life was “perfect”. Through the 2.5 years or so of working that job, my wife and I went through a whirlwind of ups and downs with stress and emotions. We were not happy, our careers weren’t going anywhere, my engineering job kept me away from home 12+ hours a day so we practically didn’t see each other throughout the week and the weekends became just a time to recover enough to get through another week. It was not the life we had imagined. Our marriage was not what we wanted and our careers were not what we wanted. We wanted more, but we felt stifled in the rat race we were stuck in.

One day we were done. We knew we needed to make a change to lift ourselves out of this mediocre life and take control. I wanted to help people.

Back in college, fitness had helped me to drop 70#, feel better, get healthy, and gain confidence through strength. It was incredible and I wanted a way to help bring those things to others. I planned to get my education and certifications, and start helping people in my garage. In an amazing turn of events God gifted us with an 80 year old angel who also had a dream of bringing health and fitness to her community to help those people who mean the most to her. We teamed up and with her initial financial backing, we cut ties and burnt our boats with our “past lives” and went full in on this new adventure of helping people!

Over 8 years later here we stand. Worthy has grown, evolved, and helped so many people with more on the horizon. Our mission is simple: to help ordinary people do extraordinary things. We have helped countless of ordinary people in our community (moms, dads, teachers, students) lose pounds of body fat, take control of their health, and gain confidence in themselves through strength. We take pride in helping those who come to us rise above mediocrity. We think that everyone is worth it and everyone is capable of achieving the goals they strive for with a little hard work. You can do the things you want to but never thought you could. You can run a mile without stopping to rest. You can deadlift 300# and not blink an eye. You can fit into those jeans again. You can have the confidence to not wear your shirt at the pool. You will be able to get down on the ground and play with your kids. You will go, you will see, and you will conquer. You will live a larger life. We know you can, because others just like you are doing those things and more.

We are a group of normal people who you have seen around town everyday. We just want more out of life! Come join us!

Worthy Health & Fitness Founder