The Ups & Downs of Floor Press

Why do we Floor Press? Like the bench press, the floor press is a pure upper body movement. When you floor press, you are not able to drive your legs like you can on the bench press. This forces you to use maximum effort on the upper body muscles, mainly the pectorals, triceps and shoulders. […]

New in July! Let's get Strong together!

June’s swimming program is winding down (WOW that went by fast!), but we are very excited to announce TWO new specialty programs coming to you in July!! These classes will start the first week in July and be held at 6:30pm. Therefore, there will be no 6:30pm class for July and beginning of August. We […]


WARM-UP: AMRAP in 3:00 5 Bent over Rows 5 Cleans 5 Press 5 Backsquats STRENGTH: Backsquat: Hit a set every 1:30 1×5 @ 60% 1×5 @ 70% 1×3 @ 80% 1×2-3 @ 90% 2×3 @ 80% 1×10 @ 40% WOD: OTM for 16:00 Clean & Jerk (work up to as heavy as possible) WOD: OTM […]


Max-Effort Upper Body ME Lift:    Press (strict) 15 minutes to work up to a 5RM      OR  3-5×5 @ (+5-10#) Assistant Movement: Ring Push ups 1x close to failure 1x failure  Pulling Superset:     a.) Bend over row- underhand grip, 3×6-12 b.) Bent over reverse flyers 3×2-12 Shrugs: Snatch grip shrugs 3×8 […]