The Easiest Choice

When we get busy we tend to sacrifice our nutrition by skipping meals, hitting the vending machine, or finding a drive-thru. When we get hungry and don’t have healthy choices at our fingertips, we become victim to whatever is convenient. Make the healthier choice the easier choice. Set yourself up for success each week by […]

Chocolate Milk

Why Runners are Obsessed with Chocolate Milk  (How Runners make the Post-Workout Simpler) Heart pounding, legs burning, a runner reaches the final stretch of his race. With an all out burst of speed he crosses the finish line. His legs are rubbery as he stumbles to the scoring table and then off to a cooler […]


Music has become essential to our enjoyment at the gym. Research has shown that music will influence performance in several ways. First, people will naturally follow tempo, which is the principle of entrainment or synchronization. We tend to run, bike, or row to the dominate beat of the music. A faster beat will often lead […]

Crossover Symmetry

What do your cell phone, laptop, notebooks, and textbooks have in common? They’re all killers—killers of good posture. Hunching over to text, tweet, and take notes, rounds your shoulders forward. Your shoulder blade, the scapula, follows suit by rounding forward into a poor position. Trying to perform the athletic movements we see everyday in CrossFit […]


REST & RECOVERY DAY!! MOBILIZE MAKE UP A MISSED WORKOUT!! ENJOY YOUR DAY!! Watch the LIVE 14.2 Announcement at 8pm online!!

5.15.2013 [wednesday]

Max-Effort Lift: 20:00 Close grip Bench: Warm up: 10@bar, 8-10@40%, 5-10@60% Work: 3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90% Back off set: 10@50-60% *% based on latest/heaviest weight achieved Assistant Movement: Weighted Dips 1x close to failure 1x failure Pulling Superset: 3 Rounds: a.) 3 weighted pull ups 3 strict pull ups Max rep kipping pull ups b.) 12 […]

5.13.2013 [monday]

[slideshow] Max-Effort Lift: 20:00 Back Squat (no box) Warm up: 10@bar, 8-10@40%, 5-10@60% Work: 3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90% Back off set: 10@50-60% *base % on latest/heaviest achieved Posterior Chain Development: Deficit Deadlift 3×10, across Triplet: 5 Rounds: 8 Front Squat (no racks) 155/110# or 60% of FS 8 Strict T2B 8 sec L-sit hold Recovery: Couch […]