Chocolate Milk

Why Runners are Obsessed with Chocolate Milk  (How Runners make the Post-Workout Simpler) Heart pounding, legs burning, a runner reaches the final stretch of his race. With an all out burst of speed he crosses the finish line. His legs are rubbery as he stumbles to the scoring table and then off to a cooler […]


[slideshow]Muscle Snatches, Running, Dead Lifts, Toes2Bar/Knees2Elbows, & our newest On-Ramp Grads Caroline & Lauren!! 🙂 METCON: WOD 1:  FOR TIME: 400m Run/Row 10 HPS (Hang Power Snatch) 95/65# 200m Run/Row 8 HPS 100m Run/Row 6 HPS 60 yd Shuttle Sprint/Row 4 HPS -REST AS NEEDED- WOD 2: AMRepsAP in 4 min: BURPEES!