06.06.2013 [thursday]

[slideshow] OLY: Snatch 9×1 @ 70% 1 rep every :30 for 4:00 (Power Snatch + hang snatch (full squat)) Clean & Jerk 9×1 @ 70% 1 rep every :45 for 6:00 (Power Clean + Hang Clean (full squat) + Jerk) Unilateral: Db Bulgarian split squats 2×8/side WOD: E.M.O.M. for 10:00 50m Prowler push (+120/80#) 5 […]


Fun weekend?  I hope so, mine was.  I played in an Exiles alumni rugby game here in Mount Pleasant.  I scored twice and remembered how rough and fun a game it is! Then I spent the rest of the weekend helping a fellow CFW’er, who just so happens to be my brother-in-law, move his family […]