We are half way through April AND we have the big garage door open today…for as long as we can 🙂 This is the LAST week of the Paleo Challenge! That is AWESOME! You’ve all done such a fantastic job!!! 🙂  Don’t forget about the Paleo Potluck this Saturday at 1:30pm! Sunday we are going […]


Today marks the start of our Paleo Challenge 🙂 The challenge will run until April 20th! Wish all our athletes luck with 32 days of NO GRAINS, NO DAIRY, & NO SUGAR (includes soy and processed crap!!)!  But think aout all the delicious meals you CAN eat: combining Meat & Vegies has an infinite amount […]


We are getting ready to announce when the Paleo seminar will be, and when the Paleo Challenge will start. But, until then, use this quick guide: STRENGTH- Back squat 5×5 Press 5×5 WOD-  AMRAP in 8 minutes: 5 Burpee box jumps 10 Wall Ball MIDLINE- Tabata planks (weighted)


Only 8 more days until the end of the Paleo Challenge!!!! WOW! For me, that went by really fast! I first week was hard for me—I was pretty cranky– 🙂 Post in the comments how your feeling, and what was the worst or best part of it for you!!! SWOD: Bench- 3Rep Max, Max Effort […]